Is 100 the New 80?: Centenarians Studied to Find the Secret of Longevity

We are often posed questions on the increasing Life Expectancy in the society. One such question being "What happens if we suddenly all reach age 100?".

To put the above question in perspective - 1 in every 10,000 makes it to the age of 100. Even if this rate accelerates dramatically, the question is simply not relevant in the context of dealing with a portfolio of life settlements of people whose life expectancy is determined by having already lived 80 years and more. Even if the rate of centenarians doubles. Or triples.

Additionally, Life span is a non-Markovian event. Two individuals with the same gender and bilogical age would have had different life experiences till date. These differences in the physical and  mental well-being does have an implicit effect on the human body. The result being a marked difference in the future Life Expectancy.