1.  Institutional Portfolio- January 2008, Managed Account:  73.4 US$ MM - Pool of 73 number of life insurance policies, IRR life to date – 34%,
  2.  Bio metric Portfolio – October 2010, Managed Account, 19.68 US$ MM.  Distressed liquidation of a portfolio of 78 life insurance polices, IRR life to date – 82%.  Analysed, valued and manage 8.08 US $MM face value. Selected 36 polices of  78 offered. 
  3. Advisory Transaction I – December 2009, 300 US $MM.  Retained by a hedge fund to consult on a structured transaction swap they were entering with a leading Investment Bank. The portfolio was presented as consisting of 172 polices, average age 78 years, 15 year term and projected IRR of 13%. Based upon Rigi’s analysis, the client was advised to not to complete the trade on the proposed basis. The portfolio was later placed with unrelated third party investor by the investment bank. Within 20 months the third party investor was forced to unwind the trade due to shortfall of portfolio performance.
  4.  Advisory Transaction II – June 2010, 44.2 US $MM.  Hired by corporate investor owning an under performing portfolio of over 500 insurance policies, average age 66 years old. All polices were analysed by Rigi with recommendations made to selectively sell polices with high cash values. Remaining portfolio of policies have been performing on a positive cash flow basis (cash outflow vs. maturities).
  5.  Advisory Transaction III – January 2011, 120 US $MM.  Retained by an investor in an already existing Life Settlement Fund. Hired to analyse the prior performance of the fund, assumptions and likely future returns. Rigi identified the probable significant shortfall of Cash Flow available to pay future premiums, based upon the funds underlying mortality assumptions.  Highlighted style drift and quantified monetary impact.  Rigi’s analysis was later confirmed when the fund was later closed for redemptions. 
  6.  Advisory Transaction IV – January 2011, 6.2 US $ billions. Portfolio presented in the market for competitive bid situation.  Analysed and suggested pricing for the portfolio consisting of 1004 number of polices. A different well known private equity fund paid a significantly higher price for the portfolio. The private equity investor is now engaged in a lawsuit alleging fraud by the seller. 
  7.  Advisory Transaction V  –   March 2012 , 1.1  US $ billions.  Hired by large sovereign wealth fund to analyze two portfolios offered for potential investment.  Identified approximately 80% of portfolio suitable for identified investment parameters. Projecting 18+% IRR with 95% probability/certainty.
  8. Advisory Transaction VI  – March 2012,  200 US $MM. Engaged to build a portfolio of super elderly individuals (85+years), for immediate execution by a structured finance fund. Currently in the market identifying policies fitting the investment parameters with a targeted IRR of 30%.
  9.  Advisory Transaction VII - October  2012,  876 US $MM. Model and price a portfolio coming out of administration. The administrator is a fund management group, listed, with more than 50 US $ billions AUM. Our client- a very well known hedge fund with 20 US $  billions+ AUM, more than 10 years in the business, is one of the bidders. The portfolio will trade at IRRs that are significantly in the high 20s to high 30s. Four parties are bidding. We are responsible for the qualitative and quantitative due diligence. A bid has been made and the offer is under consideration.